Fleet Management

Project Goal

To create an integrated, enterprise-level system for fleet management firm stuck with siloed processes and software. Customer Service had to enter duplicate data into multiple systems with lack of business buy-in, leading to poor communication and service.


Core team of developers and UX designers worked with the client's BAs (Business Analysts) to conduct stakeholder interviews and analyze user stories to focus on impactful MVP (Minimum Viable Product) slices.

  1. UX Process

  2. Stakeholder Interviews
  3. Field Observations
  4. Personas & User Journeys
  5. Low-fi (Low Fidelity) Wireframes
  6. Rapid Prototyping

User Journey

User Journey


Blake Manager Persona

Blake - Manager

Blake is a manager who oversees his team of customer service reps. His ultimate goal is to deliver the best customer service experience he can. He’s responsible for monitoring the profitability and status of a location, and needs to know who does what and where. He has worked his way up to management with many years of experience, giving him in-depth knowledge of industry practices.


He has his own private office, but he’ll often be found walking around the service desk and in the shop where the techs work. He helps employees where he can.


Too much paperwork, business continuity between shifts and roles requires significant effort to accurately communicate. Slow, duplicative system bottlenecks his team’s work.

  • Manage health of location(s)
  • Accurately report metrics & alerts
  • Work closely with staff members
  • Build transparent business processes & relationships
Alex Service Rep Persona

Alex - Customer Service Rep

Alex is expected to know all aspects of a customer’s agreement and works frequently with third party vendors. Her primary responsibilities include creating a vehicle operation and processing an invoice. She’s a power user who is very familiar with the system and collaborates with other reps daily.


Collaborative office environment with the occasional phone ringing in the background. Communicated mostly through email and had to switch context throughout the day.


Multiple operation codes make reporting messy, concerned with human error touchpoints, double-work verifying both systems, and overall data inaccuracy requires manual correction.

  • Be in the know/up to date on customer agreements
  • Correctly process an invoice/create operation as needed
  • Deliver accurate records to customers

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