Business Growth Mindset

Trained in diverse areas of business with experience as an individual contributor and team collaborator.

Have worked with agency, startups, SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, tech consulting, and small businesses. Able to communicate with a variety of stakeholders about the business value of development and design.


Ingage Marketing Collatoral

Ingage Marketing Collatoral

Created digital and print promotional material for tech and business consulting firm. Primarily created assets using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator CC.

Tech 2 Thrive Initiative

Tech 2 Thrive Promotion

Developed website, content, copywriting, and print designs for Tech 2 Thrive, a non-profit based educational grant program for tech training. Used Wordpress, Hootsuite, and Adobe CC.

Generic Drugs Category Audit

Generics Category Audit

Researched market landscape for generic drug manufacturing on behalf of medical client brand. Example category audit with brand recommendations for emerging market leader.

C-Suite Ghostwriting

C-Suite Ghostwriting

Led personal branding & thought leadership for executives through blog writing and content strategy. Content expertise in tech/software and procurement industries. Redacted writing samples available upon request.

API Whitepaper

APIs in Supply Chain

Example white paper on API technology in the supply chain industry. Written for a business leader audience as part of a content marketing email drip campaign. Designed and published in Adobe InDesign CC.

Executive Summary

Armoire Executive Summary

Executive summary write-up and investment pitch for mobile app closet startup. Includes market research and financial forecast.